5 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment Everyone Should Have – My Garage Gym

5 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment Everyone Should Have – My Garage Gym
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5 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment Everyone Should Have - My Garage Gym

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This video covers the top 5 pieces of equipment that I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase some gym equipment, whilst also keeping a budget – enjoy!

For a full tour of my garage gym: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ9i1yszId4&t=3s
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  1. KK

    Nice video. What do you use to track your exercise frequency/workouts/body measurements/weight data?

  2. nani!

    What weight kettle bell should I get first I am pretty’s small 15 and skinny?

  3. bigbountybar1

    Not essential at all. A barbell and weights will do all that and much more . You know this and you should state it in your videos

  4. ϟbeguilingpapertigerϟ

    Omg that garage looks so cozy to work out in

  5. DrumLife Game

    How heavy is the battle rope?

  6. Giovanni Ferrari

    I have a cpl set of dumb bells and a ez curl bar with some weights
    My nxt piece that ive been wanting is a hex/trap bar
    Then a slam ball
    I used to work at sears and we sold kettle bells but i nvr knew any work outs( 15 yrs ago)… until a cpl yrs ago… i may need to invest in a cpl dif weights and then a jump rope

  7. Leave it to Evaa

    You have the best videos! ❤️

  8. Bad Moms Fitness

    I’m getting this stuff thank you

  9. forza Ferrari

    My simple home gym set up is, one pair of 90ibs adjustable dumbbells, 1 bench, 1 yoga mat, resistance bands. That's all I need, I was able to target most of the muscle groups I need to target. Next project is pull up bar.

  10. Andres Sandoval

    Never heard of you before but this video was great. Definitely adding some of these to my garage gym.

  11. lamenche

    This guy only works out his upper half

  12. Carlos Jones

    Yea dude no need for basic barbell your really smart

  13. Tiara Moore

    Omg can you just tell us the flooring

  14. Daniel Lanzotti

    What brand is the 50lb slam ball?

  15. Alloi

    I’m a 5’10” 200 pound 16 year old, I’m trying to lose weight and gain forearm muscle, what cheap equipment would you recommend under 30$

  16. Kickers Of Earth

    Love these types of videos

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