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These are the main 5 machines I used throughout my weight loss journey.

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How to START Intermittent Fasting

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  1. bessy leung hui

    This is a great trainer. The pricing was excellent and the construction is overall great bestgym.equipment The weakest point is probably the fabric resistance band which is still fairly thick and strong. The handles also come un-tightened after periods of use and need to be frequently re-tightened. One possible solution would be LocTite, although the product did not come through with any. Overall, it works as intended and is an excellent value. I would purchase another Body Rider trainer in the future.

  2. ruthnie larosiliere

    I approve this message 👍🏽 all of these machines helped me a lot

  3. K Cotton

    That was an excellent video. Very professional.

  4. Manou E .Q N.Y

    Wednesday beginning of this year the gym re-open with new equipment at youfit I ask a trainer how to use the stair master. When I started my 💜 going crazy looking back

  5. Life With Alexandra

    I Luvv thiss tomorrow is my 2nd dayy I’m definitely trying thiss 💗💗

  6. khadeeja khalid

    1. Stair-master 30mints.
    2. Elliptical incline
    3. Treadmill incline intervals speed: low-high-jog
    4. Ab crunches 100 crunches
    5. Biceps curl 60 curls

  7. agustin D

    70 pound i can loose it in a month but congrats

  8. Izzy bless

    do you do all the workouts every day

  9. Melbel Danielle

    Get it girl! 😁👌🖐👍👍👍👏👏👏💥💯 thanks for being an inspiration:)

  10. Erika Tabucol

    these machines aren't available in my province😭

  11. Lia MSA

    I’m actually glad my gym doesn’t have a stair master

  12. Sheen Speaks

    Is the thumbnail pic supposed to be showing the 70 pound weightloss ? Just asking because I don't see that big of a difference. Looks like about 25 pounds lost

  13. hazel

    If you're reading this, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU CAN DO IT!

  14. Tell Samyra

    Thanks for the detailed workout

  15. Adama Sheriff

    Well presented video. Am new to the gym. I want to lose weight. Could you please send me some information about intermediates fasting. Many thanks.

  16. Sonia Nichols

    Thank you! Going to add some of these into my routine. So inspiring.

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