5 BEST Gyms For Beginners

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What’s going on guys?! What’s a good gym to go to for beginners? Today I will talk about the 5 best gyms I’ve gone to that are best for people looking to start getting into fitness or just getting back into the gym. I also have a gym review playlist you can check out where I review different gyms I’ve gone to. Special thanks to Ebrahim for the background logo design and Anthony Arriaza for intro. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if this helped or you learned something new! Thanks!

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    90% of people only go to the gym because they had their heart broken and they're trying to get back at somebody. Most people are lazy shits

  2. Aileen Nguyen

    This is very helpful! Thank you!

  3. mo fo

    it isn't the gym, it is all about the goals. PF is fine to keep the fat from gaining on you. Not only is the equipment sufficient, the hours eliminate any excuse and they are everywhere. A place like "GOLD's" is designed for people who want to "hurt themselves". The are studied in the science and know how to apply the sciences.

  4. Reev

    Blink is best for me and it’s super affordable

  5. Melvin Russell Jr.

    Man I really appreciate this.

  6. Ed Sullivan

    Most of the gym u talked about are on the west coast sure some are in the east but not many of them there no anytime fitness 24 hrs fitness or la fitness on the east coast unless ur around NYC which I live no where near there

  7. TJ J

    Anytime Fitness doesn’t have lockers. You can’t lock your valuables.
    It is way too small especially for these times. Too expensive as well.

  8. TJ J

    My vote for a woman is Planet Fitness.
    1. Cheap $23 a month for tons of locations! (Great for the pandemic shutdown)
    2. Lockers you can lock your stuff in. (Anytime Fitness you can’t lock anything)
    3. Lots of Smith Machines.
    4. Clean.
    5. Good billing (during a shutdown they really do stop billing you)
    6. Optional $10 a month membership
    7. Big

  9. robert victory

    None of your best are in the Saint Louis area.

  10. lovefunkrockmusic

    YMCA is good for beginners and cheaper than LA fitness

  11. Tom Clancy

    Beginner gyms anytime fitness and 24 hour fitness?? How?? It has all the equipment an advance bodybuilder would need plus. Beginner gyms would be gyms like planet fitness or other limited gym with lesser amounts of weights.

  12. Connie Bauer

    Planet Fitness and the Y are the best gyms for ME because they are affordable, close to me, and are adequate to help me meet my health and fitness goals.

  13. Dapper Bowtique

    Yes, LA Fitness is my favorite. Then Crunch Fitness.

  14. Young Rosay

    LA Fitness has a 12 month contract, $49 annual fee, and poor guest privileges. No shade i just work here so i can inform

  15. SP Pro Wrestling Channel

    Anytime fitness COST WAY TOO MUCH

  16. WWG1WGA 11:11 TikTok

    Warning: 24 fitness in Santa Barbara, Ca has a creepy male cleaning crew, who like to walk in unannounced into the ladies dressing room!!! and they refuse to stop!

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