5 Best Foods for Diabetes Control | Best Diet Tips | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

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Learn how to manage your diabetes and your blood glucose levels with these 5 best foods. Supercharge your meal plan and keep your diabetes in control.

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Don Kain discusses the impact of diabetes on heart disease and how healthy eating can prevent complications.

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  1. Kyle Laiben

    What is Okibetonic Secrets? Does it work? I hear lots of people burn their fat with this popular fat burn secrets.

  2. Dipa Bhayani

    How to use drumsticks leaves,Xxxx.🙏

  3. anmol. khandelwal

    What is the number one complication of diabetics?

  4. Pranitha Dev

    Mam…what about meat? And eggs??

  5. Rameswar Prasad

    Beautiful explanation God bless you Dr 🙏 ❤

  6. Dorothy Putz

    I must thank and recommend Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my Diabetes Disease with his herbal medicine which I ordered from him. All thanks to him and I advise anyone who also suffers from Diabetes to contact him on his YouTube channel.

  7. Austine Ogar

    I used to think having Diabetes disease was the end of life for me but all that change when I came across Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who gave me his natural herbs medication which I used in curing my type 2 Diabetes .

  8. Doris Shetty

    Thank you somuch mam for the wonderful tips and kind advice 🙏❤️

  9. Eric Upchurch

    Green Leafy Vegetables
    Whole Grains Ragi
    Berries 🍒 Beans
    Citrus Fruit 🍋 🍊


    I can’t stop thanking and recommending Dr IGUDIA on YouTube to everyone who suffers from type 2 Diabetes because I was once suffering from it too, But with the help of Dr IGUDIA I was able to get rid of totally with his herbs medication.

  11. Chikelu Franklin

    I will forever remain grateful to Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured me from Diabetes disease with his herbs medication that I ordered from him

  12. Vidyasagar Chingshubam

    Thanks for the diet n inspiration madam. I m also Very worried about my diabetic mother😞

  13. Ranganathan A

    Pl suggest diat for heart patient and yoga.

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