4 Simple Exercises to Shape Your Body at Home | No Gym Full Body Workout | 5-Minute Treatment

4 Simple Exercises to Shape Your Body at Home | No Gym Full Body Workout | 5-Minute Treatment
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4 Simple Exercises to Shape Your Body at Home | No Gym Full Body Workout | 5-Minute Treatment

Hey Dears!
In this video we will talk about 4 Simple Exercises to Shape Your Body at Home .Enjoy the video

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  1. All activity with Soni

    Body shape mein to a Jayegi na pakka mam

  2. Sahil Deep singh

    Sorry but i decrease my chest i want very very small chest plzzz help

  3. 김태카⁷

    How much weight I can lose in 1 week if I continue this?

  4. Pallavi Panda

    How many times do I need to these exercise in a day for beginners

  5. Jaigobin Roxanne

    This is not good for ur knees

  6. Shreemoyee Dasgupta

    Everyone- searching how to get thin body 💅💅
    Meanwhile me- searching how to be fat 😭👁🐽👁

  7. Freakistic

    can teenage boys do this exercise? 🙄

  8. Obsessive movies

    Anyone who is lazy and seeing this 😂😂😂sleeping


    Pushap mujhse nahi hota

  10. Ayza Fatima

    Can a teen girl do these exercises?

  11. pari

    Did anyone of u tried it can u tell. Does it work perfectly


    Thanks for this video

  13. Sragzz Pothu

    Is diet necessary for weight loss…… I can't control myself after seeing food and starts eating😩What to do??

  14. Sragzz Pothu

    20 squats
    29 sec. Planks
    20 Squat jumps
    7 push ups
    Every exercise 2 sets

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