4 Amazing Smoothies For Diabetics

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When we think of a menu for people who suffer from diabetes, we too often think about foods that they can’t eat, and that leaves us …

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  1. Michael BigHomie Phillips jr

    I’ve learned to add hemp seed in my smoothies & it has helped drastically. I’m a type 2 diabetic & my A1-C level at one point was over 9 now I average around 6.2 & I no longer have to take Metformin! Proper diet, consistent exercising nothing crazy primarily walking & simple eating incorporating fruits & veggies will reverse diabetes 100%

  2. Amazonwater77

    I will say vegetarian smoothies more veggies in the smoothies and no sugar it all

  3. Luningning Salangsang

    Ery clear & i can read fks

  4. latifa amine channel

    Smoothies are not allowd in diabeties my doctor had forbiden them completely you should not advice people when you have no exact info

  5. Siltana Magloire

    Do have any book you can send me about diabetes so I can make the smoothie

  6. J. Louis V.

    Yeah whatever, just get on with the smoothies.

  7. theDurrani

    Strawberry n green apple r not for diabetic patients specially when ur sugar level is high …… everyone have to check there hbA1c blood test first u have to reduce ur hbA1c level ….. if ur level above from 6 n u r taking n insuline so u have to meet ur doc n ask them wat units u have to take …….

  8. Tay Ashley

    That strawberry papaya is life! I added stevia drops and mct oil yummmmm omg


    I have seen large number of videos on youtube which shows how to prepare smoothies and during preparation the presenter speak a lot, explain the process, technique, quality and quantity of ingredients used, benefits of individual ingredients and finally the final product, the smoothy which is being prepared. In many videos when he or she prepares smoothy for diabetic person, banana is put to make it cremier, sometime apple was put which again contain good quantity of sugar. In most of the cases blue berries are added. How do we get blue berries in India. It must be very costly when we go to buy them as frozen one. Hence, I badly wants someone who can give me a recipe of healthy smoothy for diabetic person. Smoothy with banana or for that matter any sweet fruit is not healthy for diabetic person. Anyway, I just want to know what bad or side effect will be there if I prepare and consume a smoothy every morning with the following ingredients. I have rather collaged all the ingredients which are very healthy individually for diabetes. Of course I don’t know how much quantity of these ingredients are to be added, even I don’t know whether all these ingredients put together is good or bad. For the last few months I am eating the smoothy which I am going to give you the recipe.

    1.Take a half cup full of water in a coffee cup.

    2.Add one tea spoon of flax seed, one tea spoon of seasome seed, one tea spoon of carom seed, one tea spoon of fenugreek seed, one dried Indian goose berry, six to eight almond, three pieces walnut, a stick of ceylon cinnamon and soak them overnight.

    3. In the morning at six put these soaked ingredients in a blending/grinding jar, put a tea spoon of turmeric powder, three to four spinach, fifteen pieces of curry leaves, ten pieces of basil leaves and some times two pieces of insulin plant (Chamaecostus cuspidatus). Put one full lemon juice and grind them into creamy smoothy.

    If I consume this smoothy everyday, is there anything wrong. Will there be any side effect.

  10. Some Other Dude

    I'm a bit suspicious that these recipies are still too high in sugar….. maybe idea # 3 (tomato, parsley, olive oil) is good. It's basically just tomato juice without the sodium and with more fiber.

  11. ZeroZeroThirty .com

    Thank you for the ideas!

  12. Prema Sivasubramaniam

    Papaya? Can raise blood sugar just like banana

  13. baby's kitchen

    Great please share more vides .luv u and God bless u

  14. Wyslina Wheat

    Google how to cook a egg plant I need a recipe I need to make a smoothie out of the egg plant

  15. MIJA97

    Do u strain the juices? Theres a lot of pulp in my juice

  16. Josie

    Wow an apple raises my blood sugar over 100 points .. To much fruit on this for diabetics

  17. Roxy Freedom

    Nice video can you make one for people with Thyroid plz

  18. Rabbi Benyamin Kauffmann

    Send this video to all of India lol

  19. Mahesh Pasi

    Plz add leman juice after ready juice of cucumber 🥒…wrong method

  20. nikki dee

    The skin is where the nutrients is ..

  21. The Rustic Aztec

    How often should i drink this??

  22. Foxy Lady

    Hi just wanted to know how long can the drink last in the refrigerator if you make a lot of it

  23. Debbie Krahn

    How much should uou drink at night

  24. Dr Maria Montessoree

    Very nice keep it up.

  25. Anand Verlekar

    This drink is great for me and my wife

  26. Lubna Shaikh

    And please make a diet of pcos weight loss

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