3 TIPS For NEW Personal Trainers

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Welcome back to Mind Pump TV where we cover all things Health & Fitness to help you on your journey to reach your goals!

In today’s video, Danny gives some great advice for new personal trainers. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been a trainer for years, we believe these tips can help you out!
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Tip #1- Be prepared, be clean, & be ready to deliver a positive experience (0:20)

Tip #2 – Finding balance between white belt mentality & Paralysis by analysis (2:40)

Tip #3 – Under promise and Over Deliver (4:27)

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  1. Channel for the Everyman

    20 years experience here. Thought this was good. Funny when you said ”they are ALMOST always clean.”

  2. Heather feather

    Agreed I needed this info this was so intimate and helpful! Thank you

  3. B and P S

    Thank you so much for an interesting watch! As a personal trainer, our philosophies are definitely similar. At the end you mentioned your interest in the holocaust, I too have had the same deep fascination with the holocaust! MY favorite answer you gave was "You cant fuck this up" Thanks again, I love what you do!

  4. Fredrik Steiring

    As someone who just got done with the degree to become a Personal Trainer, Thank you!

  5. Chiyop Vlogs

    I am studying to become a Pt and I am almost done watching this boosted my confidence to get started!

  6. Ty The Gemini

    Great information thank you !

  7. As I Am Fitness

    Thank you! Very helpful! 👊🏼

  8. James Robinson

    I love and enjoy you and your videos Danny!!! I'd love to meet you physically Danny!!!

  9. J

    I don't know why the videos you guys make have so little views, the information you guys put out are so real and in depth.
    Thank you so much!

  10. Denny

    1. Siempre estar preparado, limpio, dándole una experiencia al usuario.
    2.Mantente abierto a aprender, confía en lo que sabes.
    3.comunicacion, se sincero.

  11. Miguel Santos

    thank you for the explanation, that was very important to hear, and to take it with me.
    I wish you all the best!

  12. Ania Dunn

    Love the series on PT. Could you please do a video on time management? I've struggled with this being a new PT and think it would be very helpful. Thanks again for all you guys do.

  13. JRG FIT

    I just got my NASM CPT and can't work at gym due to scheduling, children, etc., so need to train clients online, but i am at a loss on how/where to start, and definitely feel the imposter syndrome. Are there any good resources on how to setup and implement online training? Great content as always!!

  14. Optimistic Outreach

    Good stuff!  Better than the horrible offering with Andrew Tarvin on the Pdcst…wtf was THAT all about???

  15. Michael Reyes

    One single camera is fine, keep it simple.

  16. Kuti Inglês Dos Santos


  17. Abdulkhaliq Sapi

    Helo! I am new personal trainer, I want to know how you can interview with new claiente? thank you.

  18. Heather Hayen Fit Life

    Love this! As a personal trainer it's very hard to find enough resources for how to grow. I would love to see videos on selling, retaining clients, basically anything. They cover some of this on the podcast but even more in-depth would be helpful. Basically what you're saying in this video is treat it like a profession, which I wish more of my colleagues did.

  19. Denise Nickeson

    I'm concerned that 1 on 1 sessions will become 'psychotherapy' sessions as we build 'rapport'…any thot on that?

  20. Mac entertainment enterprise. M E E

    keep it, K3EP IT STRICTLY CrUnCH

  21. Capone_pez

    Is it even worth getting an ace certificate?

  22. IWantMyVisionBack

    I have no aspirations to be a personal trainer but sheesh based off this video it sucks ass!

  23. Megan Malota

    liked the video instantly after the clip put in at 2:13. thank you

  24. Rob G

    You are honest and up-front. I appreciate it.


    I just quit my job at a box gym. I tried to like it 😂 but its not for me. I feel likeni do much better just advertising myself in real life and online.
    Like I love training but, im just a vastly untalented salesperson 😂.
    I tried for 2 months, and I just had to admit I was wasting their time lol


    My gym only give you 8 hours a week to prospect because there are so many trainers working there 👎👎and you can't train outside of the gym 👎

  27. Адам Бондаренко

    I train at a commercial gym and everything you said is 100% correct

  28. Nathan Newman

    ive been a PT since 1995. (also natty BB title holder) Seen it all here in NYC. Ask me anything…

  29. Tadeh Petrossian

    I want to be a personal trainer but I don't have a high school diploma or GED. Also the gyms are closed.

  30. K Hill

    I don’t think it’s so bad to make exercise or activity fun for someone. It may not be the most important thing they need for their program but if it benefits them and it’s fun it will aid them into continuing, I say have at it.

  31. Ben Dover

    I had an ISSA cert in the 90's. Was good back then, it got to be too much aggravation for too little pay. It's amazing how many lazy ppl are out there and need their hand held… most trainers prey off of this.

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