25 minute interval cardio workout from home

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Transform your body in just 10 weeks and take part in the entire Body Project system!

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In this short interval cardio workout – Daniel Bartlett of Body Project takes you through a series of combination cardio exercises that will get your heart rate high and turn your Body into a calorie and fat burning machine.

If you are looking for a way to exercise from home in a convenient and fun way then this is a great workout for you.
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  1. Tugba Kocaman

    Bundan seneler once bu video ile 10 kilo ya yakin vermistim simdi tekrar basliyorum.bayiliyorum.enerjinize harikasiniz

  2. hassane ghardaoui

    هذا التمرين الوحيد الي نحس بلى درت صبور صح

  3. Evangeline Rivera

    Im from philippines i really love ur exercise. I really enjoy it.

  4. Lucas Li

    way too many jumping exercises to finish in "home". should change the title to workout from studio something.


    I'm from Indonesia. I train my body every day by following this exercise, it's really good for burning my fat, great

  6. docinho_play

    Amei todos os seu axercicios e ja emagreci 7 quilos

  7. sukri

    I am from Thailand , Lost 3 kg. in 2 weeks
    I did after dinner . eat low fat, low rice ,low bread, low sugar. Eat boiled food. Crazy cardio!!!

  8. Nirmin nana

    You are the best in the World♥️

  9. Jake Vitalini

    What is the most weight lost in a day?

  10. seepons

    wooww this is hard, I am exhausted at half way

  11. Christine Sangalang Valencia

    Thank you Body Project

  12. Brian Rafferty

    Great workout! Just wondering why Daniel was doing 15 seconds on, 45 seconds off while the rest of us were doing the reverse!?!?!?

  13. Lana

    Fantastic! I worked my butt off! Love it/ hate it lol. And so appreciate the no ad interruptions which can really stifle the "flow".👍👍👍💖

  14. gloworm14

    I had to pause 10 mins…I could not breathe! I hope to get through this one day with no pausing! 🤞

  15. Deepak Dhiman

    Sweat sweat sweat everywhere..amazing HIIT + cardio workout 🙏🏻🙏🏻👌👌

  16. Johanna Ramirez

    i really like this exercise..it helps reduce my chole..

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