24 Hour Fitness Review, Is 24 Hour Fitness a Good Gym?

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Is 24 Hour Fitness a good gym? What’s going on guys?! Here is my 24 Hour Fitness review! I will discuss the gym’s equipment, maintenance, customer service, price and unique qualities. I have done other gym reviews as well, check out the Gym Review playlist! Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if this helped or you learned something new! Thanks!

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  1. Letitia Gamez

    Walked into my local 24 Hour Fitness in Simi Valley this afternoon. I was met at the door by two masked employees. They informed me that I could no longer work out without being completely masked. "When did this happen," I asked, "today," declared the (I'm assuming) manager. "I cannot work out with a mask," I replied, "it completely defeats the purpose of exercising: to stay healthy. Moreover, even the WHO (World Health Organization) does not recommend wearing a mask during exercise because breathing can be more difficult. Additionally, sweat can make the mask wet, which impacts breathing and promotes the growth of microorganisms" (that's a quote directly from their website)." I further pressed her: "and what if someone passes out from lack of oxygen? You could be sued." She smugly replied: "you sign away any right to sue 24 Hour Fitness when you joined the gym – check your membership." I canceled my membership then and there – asked for a printout of that cancelation. Friends, 24 Hour could care less about fitness – about your health, your well-being.

  2. Dale P

    California 24 Hour that has been closed, open, closed, etc.
    Equipment good. Aquatics good when available. Kind women at the front desk.
    The guys behind the desk are generally arrogant clowns. They socialize with out of work trainers and could care less about the actual members. One guy works the desk and places water bottles at stations so he can go back and forth (get in a workout) while members wait to use a machine.
    Poorly cleaned, even during a pandemic. Announce consistent cleaning and do very little.
    Final point. If you believe that a gym staff should gently remind less considerate members of gym etiquette, this isn’t your place. They could care less about your experience at 24 Hour Fitness. This place is about making sales and getting you to buy personal training from a battalion of trainers that hang out here (led by an unprofessional Director of Instruction).
    Enjoy the equipment and get in and get out. (San Diego, Navajo Rd.)


    Yup. I trained at a 24 hour fitness for many years. Spot on review.

  4. Prince Erick

    I Really Do Like This Gym❤️They Have More Machines And Equipment Then Planet Fitness😒

  5. Tommy :D

    Poor maintenance? Nah you mean PIG MEMBERS lol haha

  6. Sarah Gbadebo

    Is the annual fee a new thing the gym started doing? I thought it was only a monthly fee for the sport and super sport.

  7. KING G

    I had a big problem with the gym pool and the poor air circulation. Their showers and bathroom were disgusting, and not being kept up with. If you look at the top of the ceiling in the pool area, you can see the build up of dirt in the AC filters, which made my lungs hurt after swimming. This location is on Foothill and Masi Dr, California. I’m not sure if this has changed, but it was like that six months ago. I haven’t gone there recently, will have to see if it has changed.

  8. tom8181

    It aint golds and the trainers need training

  9. Liam !84488282

    Honestly I've always been used to either working out in my garage/basement or at my college's weight room. Anything is a step up in cleanliness from that.

  10. Daniel Vasquez

    La fitness also has Coed saunas almost every la fitness does it’s not a unique quality

  11. Master Trainer

    24 Hour Fitness trainers are horrible and way overpriced. They lack a lot of knowledge about training and human anatomy. They pretty much show you the same things most regular gym members would show you. And a lot of those trainers will waste time and not even give you a full session.

  12. Thomas Kenneth Dennis Jr.

    Crap customer service

  13. Thomas Kenneth Dennis Jr.

    This company is a schiff show. F 24 hour schiffless

  14. Jump rope stairs

    It is a good gym if you joined hermosa in 2003 when they said you can go to all 24s. Then they open actives and they want 80 a month. Then they close at midnight and open at 6am.

  15. EyeGotThaPooOnMe

    24 Hour Fitness is about $20/month overpriced. Let's be honest, they're competing with the Planet Fitness black card. It's a good gym, just not for the price that they are asking.

  16. Liz Joseph

    Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been weighing my options on the Sport and the Super sport. I want the one time payment for the year. It comes out the same price as the month to month minus the 49.00$ annual fee. Also, I’ve done PF and they don’t offer a sauna or steam room or pool like 24 hr fitness. The most you get is this “hydro massager and they actually have tanning rooms…. I’m a black woman, ummm what can they offer me??? Lol. Anyway, I love the sauna and steam room after a great workout. Soothes the body. You know. But I went off topic for a bit, sorry. I am leaning toward the super sport, gives me the option for pro and super sport depending on where I am. I can go to several locations. It’s a nice option. Thanks again for the video

  17. Tiffany Reese

    My scan card won’t work and I just got it yesterday

  18. David Maine

    I had an issue with the company that I can’t explain. I eventually signed up to Blink. I like them. They have most of the services that 24 has but half the price.

  19. Thomas Just

    Why would I care about its history? thumbs down


    How can I make an account god damn

  21. Isaac Anderson - Law and Criminal Justice

    What can we do if we cannot make an account on the website

  22. Trinity

    So webtrac isn’t allowing me to make an account. Am I the only one?

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