1. 747Heavy Boeing

    Exactly. Time for a name change.
    Still milking Covid excuse. They should lower dues by 25%. Since they reduced operating hours.

  2. XST Media

    16 hour fitness. They open at 5am and close at 9pm. Horrible!!!!

  3. Adam Johnson

    truth is all you fatasses need a gym mebership lol. crazy how many of u there are. maybe if you just went they wouldn't do that and upkeep the gyms

  4. jaquio69

    I bought the lifetime deal back in 2000. Paid $500 upfront which included no fees for 2 years and $49 dollars annual renewal fee. The agreement included all gyms up to Sport level; which was great for me because there was only the Active level gym near me and i did try out Sport level gyms when I was on the road. Issue for me now is that the new gym that was opened up near me is a Super Sport level and my agreement does not have access to the super sport level, also I just found out that my active level gym will now be closed permanently because of the bankruptcy. Only difference I could see between Super Sport and Sport; were the towels that were loaned out to you at the entrance.

  5. AK

    when its going to be reopen in California ?

  6. Mode by Ruthy Larose

    When will 24 h fitness open?

  7. Mr. Jonthony L. Johnson

    24 hour fitness rep. at the Moreno Valley location told me I had a lifetime membership rate when I signed up. I was grandfathered into other gyms when it closed. I called the gym and was told the rates wouldn't increase. Now as the rates continually increase, the rep on the phone at corporate told me that the state of California is raising the rates.

  8. R. Antonio

    Changed my cc as soon as covid hit. They can't charge now. Bye.

  9. Loida Bryant

    Not to mention, still being charged inspite of Corona virus gym closure. 😤

  10. Jack Dooley

    If you deal with 24 Hour Fitness . Get at least 2 bank accounts in different banks .

  11. Ryan M.

    This is so ridiculous. Let's just use our neighbors next. Most locations are open 24 hours. I live in the houston area and when I moved around the country for work they let me freeze the account for 3 years until I moved. L.A. bullshit on the other hand needed me to come in person to cancel. There were none around and no way to cancel. So I had to pay that for a year since they had no customer service on the phone. Quit crying over great amenities being offered by this gym. It's called inflation people. If you can't afford it then go somewhere else. I did. But I will always use 24 hour fitness due to them being so large and the flexibility on their gym hours. Get a treadmill for 30 a month if you just run. All the people I know pay to play ball and lift weights. What else do you want? A sauna? A pool? A changing room with showers before work? Ohh that's right they offer it. Such a stupid lawsuit. But hey just check zoning on your house and sue your neighbors for impeaching on your land. Or is that to personal. Pussies.

  12. Thomas Kenneth Dennis Jr.

    These people are shady and will charge you long after they tell you they are not.

  13. Jump rope stairs

    I joined in 2003, and they just started closing at midnight, open at 6am

  14. Tatum

    I want to see they ass for towel service

  15. Joe Roberts

    I was signed up for three months. When they took $100 annual fee? Then when I called and complained. They said I would get $10 dollars off my monthly payment. Nope they still charged me the full amount. 24 fitness 🖕

  16. Mark Handleson

    a 5 yr deal with bally total fitness ruined my credit when I was 17. it was messed up for 5 yrs. had to get a lawyer to fix it since i was under 18 wheni signed the contract

  17. Nerd Unboxing

    I used to work for them and they are total crooks. Executives are crooks who treat employees like garbage and pressure them into unethical selling practices.

  18. Hungry Rabbit

    24 hrs fitness is a scam, all they want is your money
    At any cost!

  19. Raul Sada

    I belong to 24 fitness gym in Pasadena California worst gym ever staff are like high school kids place dirty all the time and the worst thing members are the worst posers ever bullying other members I left a year ago and have not gone back it's the McDonald's of the gym Industry stay away unless you're a wangster

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