21 Important Fitness Tips YOU Need to Know

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As a celebrity trainer, my goal is to give you the tools you need to achieve the best fitness results possible! In this video, I focus on breaking down common misconceptions that many people have about nutrition and training.

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  1. Rob the Wayward Woodworker

    I'm pretty happy about the coffee answer! Good video. Sensible advice. Thanks, from an old guy.

  2. Karmen Jakovina

    Ok so my question is, which builds muscle more effectively, taking in the proteins before or after workout?
    To me it makes more sense carbs before workout (if it's late in the day), for energy and then proteins after workout, to provide building blocks to the muscles which got ripped apart and now need to grow.

  3. Karmen Jakovina

    Interesting remark about getting protein in before the workout, because I've heard more often is better to get the proteins in (like in a shake) after the workout, because you need it to rebuild. I prefer that because I have most energy on an empty stomach. I'm vegan but sometimes even 4hrs after a meal isn't enough for me not to feel weird in my stomach or low on energy. It's interesting that my body produces more energy, like heat than most omnivores I know. I even helped a guy stay warm in a tricky and long situation when we were stuck underground once (caving), we hugged and he was shocked how warm I am lol. Anyhow, it seems for me it's true that all the energy is used up on digestion after I eat and I workout better on an empty stomach even hours after waking up. The less I eat the more energy I have if I'm on the go all day as well (like when exploring a cave or hills looking for caves, it can be quite demanding). Well, ok, I haven't been in the gym with you, granted haha.

  4. Donatella De Patre

    What's the best creatine for women? How much for women and at what time it's better to take it before or after workout?? 👩👍🇮🇹

  5. Mike Zita

    Magnus, I would love to know what strength exercises you would recommend for somebody who is learning to Box?

  6. Marisol Serrato

    " Step into the gym with me for 10 min and I will show you." I love that I totally agree. Thank you for all your advice.

  7. Eliezer Nethanel Larosa

    As a vegan, should I mix variety of plant base protein per meal to get a complete protein? Or should I stick to 1 plant base protein per meal?

  8. Miriam

    About the last question: What about wanting to lose fat. Is it better to eat before the workout or after?

  9. Artyom

    Do you guys think sleeping 5-6 hours a day may harm muscle gain?

  10. MajaAngel92

    Älskar din kanal! 🤩
    Jag skulle vilja veta mer om din app! Passar den alla även om vi har olika mål med träningen?

  11. Daria S. Moen

    another great video with useful answers for everyone! <3

  12. Fredrik Harsiawan

    Can i add more question? Getting confused about my macross.. should i ate carbs ?

  13. 1Dreamking

    I like to do long distance running and go to the gym and build muscles and I have allways heard that the long distance running will take the "fuel" needed to build muscles in the gym and hence the gym sessions will not be as effective in building muscle mass. Glad to hear this answer, cause it means for me to avoid that I just need to get more "fuel" in the body and I be fine.
    This is the only reason I've been thinking of starting with protein shakes. So I do not have to eat so much more to get that extra fuel. But then again my goal isn't to get "big". But I want the time and effort I put in the gym to not be "wasted" due to my love of running. (From a health point of view I know it is not wasted so this might perhaps be my vanity speaking mostly, lol)

  14. Ekaterine Buckley

    You are a star Mr. Thnx for your tips

  15. Valerie

    I’m just wanting to get rid of my little pooch belly and gain some more muscle while still staying small.
    I’ve been told to track my food but that scares me.
    Any tips?

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