2021 Home Gym Equipment I'm Ready For!

2021 Home Gym Equipment I'm Ready For!
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2021 Home Gym Equipment I'm Ready For!

In 2020, all gym equipment is out of stock. In 2021 it will still be out of stock, but there will be a lot of new stuff you can’t purchase for your home gym either.

Let’s talk about it.

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My name is Coop from Garage Gym Reviews, and I built my biggest home gym yet in 2021. Join me as I walk through over 30,000 LBS of some of the most sought-after gym equipment in the world.

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Note – I meant 5mm on the yoga mats. Not 10mm. Sorry.

Just a quick video talking about what fitness equipment I’d buy first at different budget amounts.

I started very low because I know some of you are trying to save money.

If you want a summary:

– Just do Pushups, Squats, Leg Raises, and Bridges progressively according to your fitness level. I have a routine linked below for that. You can use towels for isometric bicep curls.

– Buy a sturdy stick and use this to do pullups. Alternatively, if you can find a GOOD mounted doorway Pullup Bar for this price, snag one.

– Gymnastic Rings or a mounted Pullup Bar. If you already have a place to do Pullups, I’d invest in a good exercise mat.
Hybrid Calisthenics Rings: https://www.hybridcalisthenics.com/rings

0 – Pullup Tower

If you have money beyond this, I’d invest in

1.) Knowledge – Courses, Books, or Programs that teach you how to exercise and use your equipment.

2.) Good food – Preferably made at home where you can control more of the ingredients.

Thanks for listening! Let me know if you want me to go more in-depth on any of these.

Legal Notice: Consult your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise program. This video does not replace a physical therapy program or consultation with a medical professional.

Timestamps 👁
0:00- Introduction
1:31- Tier 1:
2:14- You do not need to buy a bunch of stuff
3:27- Tier 2: (Stick)
4:37- Tier 3:
4:54- Pull Up Bar
5:39- Gym Rings
6:33- Yoga Mat
7:38- Tier 4: 0(Pull Up Tower)
8:04- Outro
8:29- Extra Note

Free Fitness Routine: https://www.hybridcalisthenics.com/routine

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  1. Britton Kieffer

    This is a strong, solid cage. My 17 and 18 year old boys use it in their garage gym bestgym.equipment and it does everything they need. It does not need to be bolted to the wall or floor. We don't have it bolted down, and it is very balanced and solid. They love the pull up bar.

  2. Michael Quinn

    That squat rack/sled/yolk/farmer carry kit sounds great.

  3. Dylan

    Whipr 10 Modality Package vs MAXPRO Fitness Elite Package?

  4. sean abrahams

    Coop, you got the best thumbnail facial expressions.

  5. Ian Pillow

    If you ever get tired of the YouTube thing, you should become a State Trooper with that epic Stache

  6. Todd Adams

    NO on @tempo !!! check out @locker_281 unboxing, delivery and review on the Tempo.

  7. Post_Rocky Balboa

    You can be at a car dealership about to purchase a new car & suddenly Coop pops out of the wild & you just buy yourself a power rack while you leave the dealer hanging dry

  8. bm ak

    Biggins Iron. 100% USA made kettlebells from 100% USA materials. Also, they have titties on them.

  9. Joshua Fanguy

    Review the Renouf Brute Force 360ptx

  10. Fat-To-Fit Fitness

    You have mentioned several times wanting a pulley system for cages, REP makes lat and low row attachments for all of their power cages. I believe rogue has a similar attachment as well as do many other racks. So could you clarify what you're looking for?

  11. Jared Anderson

    The best thing will be the price drop on the used market 👍

  12. Combat_Sports Buff

    lots of pulley system stuff now and you can attach 2 of them for seated rows

  13. ricky oberg

    Interested in seeing your take on best home gym cable setup. Preferably one that doesn’t take up a bunch of space.

  14. Jail Bird

    Love Coop’s videos, but this one is about a lot of fancy, tricky toys. If people stick with a few simple tools (barbell, rack, pull-up bar, dumbbells) they’d see plenty of results. Big Muscles were built long before these fancy tools existed.


    isn't that Fit3D? why can't you state the name?

  16. Ricardo Salazar

    What do you think about the Brand POWERTEC for home gym?

  17. Denali King

    haha, do you look bigger – you are the only person I know that has a mass amount of equipment with no signs of muscles

  18. Mehak Kataria Vlogs

    i dont have screw driver. n i cant go outside. room or terrace. what option i have for pull up

  19. bkLEGION3000

    I would recommend at sub $100 a set of dip bars instead of the full pullup rack. They take up far less room, can be used for horizontal pulls, dips, pushups and are easily portable or tucked into a closet.
    Also, for $20-50 I bought 2 sets of resistance bands. full Loops and single lengths with door anchors. Fantastic for really isolating muscles. Sometimes you don't want to work full compound movements and you just want to target a weak spot. Or you might hurt a joint but still want to exercise without stressing that area.

  20. Why Dragons Why

    My exercise mat is literally a tent mat that goes underneath your sleeping bag and it works great

  21. Nenad Popov

    I worked out naked in front of my family and friends and now they all think I'm crazy, I blame you for all this mess Hampton!!

  22. Julian Nicol

    Not relevant but where I’m from we usually call them chin-ups. Pull-ups are diapers.

  23. Kid Goku

    It’s nice getting fitness advice from a guy who isn’t clearly roided out his mind and claiming it takes a week to get fit

  24. 韓国미국J

    i just bought a CAP Power Rack at walmart for $98. I also bought a HOIST adjustable weight bench for $450 and I have a pair of parallettes i've had for a while. i should be set

  25. Kanishk Yadav

    Bro I am bring honest many people or u also might think that your hair style is good looking no it's not try short and spike 😉 my face shape I same as you ar get Thema bit short like fallen on your head like korian people

  26. HeavyNoodle

    He looks like he's wearing a Pakol / Afghan hat on his thumbnail

  27. Maso!

    I used to do my workout on concrete weights made by myself attached to a broomstick (idk if it is the right name), together with exercises with my weight. Today I can afford a gym subscription, it is much easier to get consistent there.

    Btw, I apologize for my medium grammar. I learned english just by watching videos

  28. whatdisd0 100

    The videos he calls 'quick' are often the longest. Which of course is a good thing

  29. Bob Woodward

    I did everything with rings, a set of bands, a stool and rocks for weighted pullups. Fitness is cheap. Motivation is not.

  30. Zubrach

    i have a pull-up bar and attacth my rings on it

  31. King Kong

    Alak pakool Achawale de 🤣🤣🤣

  32. metodej kantor

    Actually if u have like 30-40 dollars u can just buy gymnastics rings and do pullups on them like when u hang them on a tree or somewhere in your home or buy like 1dollar hangs that u screw to your celling or wall and hang your rings there

  33. Alex Barčovský

    I will add one thing to the 25 dollar tier – paralets. Why? If you train lots of ground movements like pushups, L-sits, Planche variations and ESPECIALLY handstands, your wrists will THANK YOU, trust me.

  34. Pau Forcadell Campos

    i'd say rings and a kettlebell is for sure great to gain some functional strenght, add in a jump rope and you have your cardio necessities covered

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