2019 Snap Fitness Commercial

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I take you guys on a tour where I work out at. Snap fitness is a fitness center that is open 24 hours a day which is why I became a member there. Being able to go there any time or any day of the week truly makes this gym unique. Well hope you enjoy the video and some game reviews are on the way soon.
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Nart

    glob glob im living in the future so the present is my past, my presence is a present kiss my ass

  2. Virginia Cash

    Nom nom nom nommy nom nommy nom!!!🌹🌹🐥

  3. heal536

    They just opened a snap fitness in our town and it is Awesome! I love it!

  4. Michael Carnahan

    1:40 Lol this dude is funny. Thanks for the tour man

  5. Frank Dipaola

    I did not notice any locker rooms

  6. Chief_ Trukalot

    Do they have a squat rack?

  7. djurocks

    This place isn't even there anymore, is it?

  8. TheLegando42

    So much cardio machines and little lifting

  9. ease tres

    Dam waaaaay too many smith machine and no squat racks

  10. Finn Kyro

    I think the snap fitness near me looks alot better than that. It has a nicer and cleaner design i think

  11. SP34K3R M4N for Ukraine 🇺🇦

    You know what i just noticed, You can do cardio up and down the stairs. XD

  12. 69adrummer

    That's awesome nobody is there! My kind of place.

  13. Jaclyn Hyder

    "the men area" ??? are you fucking kidding me?! girls lift too so don't discriminate us. we can do everything that guys and do. that is seriously the rudest thing i have ever heard of!!! 

  14. Greg Lewis

    Is there a squat rack? And how many plates has it got? A lot?

  15. Brandon Sellmeyer

    They are putting one in by my house. I do free weight barbell training so apparently this gym is not for me.

  16. thedarkchocolate4

    this is a decent "gym" for beginners but it is way too small, when there's actually people in it there's no room to breathe and you always bump into each other or get stared at….The biggest benefit is you can go 24 hours like he is showing in the vid, but they are all tiny as fuck, and not worth the money.

  17. srt hellcat

    Y would they hate buff guys stupid

  18. Men Maturity


  19. Ishoa1

    wow your moving so fast i cant even see the equipment.

  20. Men Maturity

    what town this is BISMARCK ND? OR WHAT

  21. jason lucas

    ha thats the snap fitness i go to im pretty sure is this ashtabula, ohio

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