2 Week Full Body Transformation Challenge | Beginners to Advance | Somya Luhadia

2 Week Full Body Transformation Challenge | Beginners to Advance | Somya Luhadia
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2 Week Full Body Transformation Challenge | Beginners to Advance | Somya Luhadia

Link to get 90 days full body transformation planner : https://pages.razorpay.com/2022planners Hello everyone here i am up with 2 Week Full Body Transformation Challenge from Beginners to advance , i hope you will find it useful!
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  2. ranu shri

    Why there are two different videos going on at the same time. Which we supposed to do

  3. Reshma Mali

    Mam I starting this exercise yesterday. But my stomach pain is started. Is it normal for ne one

  4. Lolitaa

    Day 3 😍 Finished.. Sweat's 🥵

  5. Lolitaa

    Day 2 😍 Little Bit Hard But Finally Finished

  6. Dr Aradhana Sivaramakrishnan

    Mam 3 sets means ?? I did the work out in the video for 1 time . Which means 3 times should i complete the whole workout ?

  7. Nihmathul Zahra

    Thank u Soumya❤️❤️

  8. bhagwan sahay mahawar

    Dono me se konsi exercise kre

  9. Momi ka channel

    Today is my Frist day I can't do this more than 10 sec but i know I'll definitely do this properly
    Also I'm doing intermittent i believe I achieved my goal

  10. Janet Mungai

    I decided that from today I have to take control of my body.I think I just found an exercise I love.will update you after two weeks

  11. Sumaiya Begum

    Hello maam started the exercise today it feel in one time thnx

  12. Mamtha solanki

    Hi di can I do this workout at night..

  13. Saipriyanka Ponakampalli2006

    I started doing this today….will update u guys everyday..
    Day 1:Was very hard for me..took continuous breaks but some how completed the whole video..decided to do this once a day

    Day 2: Yesterday night was horrible..tbh not really that horrible but yeah bearable horrible😂and btw completed today's part..am more comfortable with the beginners one..

    Day 3: Like I said before pains are getting horrible during nights…somehow got habituated to it.completed the whole video but kinda missed sprint hop as I didn't have any energy left..

    Day 4:skipped

    Day 5:Done

    Day 6:skipped

    Day 7:skipped

    Day 8:Done

    Day 9:Done

    Day 10:Done

  14. Usha Usha

    After Exercise can we eat breakfast..

  15. Fiza Batool

    Mai ny aj kiya mujy tu bht zyada sans chareh gya

  16. Kaveri M

    early mrng cheyala evng aena cheyavacha

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