2 On Your Side: LA Fitness Contracts

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Is one local gym being upfront about what its new customers are signing up for? CBS2’s Kristine Lazar goes undercover and gets results for unhappy LA Fitness customers in this 2 On Your Side report.
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RICH CELENZA landed in Toronto Canada and shows you the closest LA Fitness near the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Rich not only takes you through a tour of the gym but also shoots a video outside the gym to show you all the things to do near the gym.

Rich also gives tips on when traveling on how to stay healthy. The location of the gym is 3100 Dixie Rd Ste 14a, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2A6, Canada and the website is https://www.lafitness.com/Pages/clubhome.aspx?clubid=1129&utm_source=google&utm_medium=googlemaps&utm_campaign=maps.
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  1. Michael Solito

    And their dishonest about their about membership Billings

  2. Frame Film Studio

    La fitness is trashed 🗑️

  3. Doja Cat

    Can you contact them for me too? My debit card was canceled for fraudulent activity last month. This month when the $44 monthly fee was due, LAfitness called asking me for payment. I asked the rep to cancel or suspend my contract and was told that I can't cancel unless I pay the current balance owed, then go to the gym in person to cancel. I asked for a supervisor……only to be informed the same again despite my pleading to no avail as to how in 3 years I've never used their facilities other than to validate my parking ticket for the garage they shared with other tenants of the office building. I remained calm expressing repeatedly that their policy makes no sense then hung up the phone so as not to begin arguing or raising my voice. Minutes later LA Fitness sent me an email saying that I have to go online to download, print, sign and snail-mail a request to cancel my membership. I need 7 on my side too.

  4. xiomana xoxoxo

    LA FITNESS is the icest most affordable nicest Gym , in the NATION.

  5. kforcer

    Reminds me of our own Go Workout over here in Lansing, Michigan.

  6. Cosmo Vlog

    I got caught in this BS trap and was told that if I wanted to cancel I had to pay the remaining cost of $800 up front……. bruhhhhh these mf are pocketing my hard earned money

  7. Isaac Yun

    I was a director of Personal Training. They only have 6 Months or 12 months training. They will lie and do everything to get you started today. La fitness has no month to month. This is why I quit. La fitness corporation has no soulf

  8. Thomas MacGruber

    Made this mistake, finished my 60mo pt contract, which turned out to be 260 a month. Now I can't cancel unless I mail a letter to the main office. I moved, had no access to a printer and emailed and called them 7x to cancel and they still took money out 2 months after the contract was over. It's a scam. This gym is a rip off and they are filled with idiots. My PT was a 22 year old kid who could care less about me. I have a bad hip and need a hip replacement and he had me doing squats and leg things that made me hate every second of life. Not to mention it hurt and I could barely walk after. It was abuse.

  9. SANDWICHE man

    No contract…. but we have copies of contracts :::::////wth

  10. Willy Joe Rockhead

    I told my mom that LA fitness ripped me off…she looked at my stomach and said "Ya…I see that!"

  11. Jazmin Chew

    LA Fitness now ESPORTA lies all the time, I got told by the trainers lead that if I signed the contract for one class a week for a year at least he was gonna give me one extra class per week during all that year plus 2 extra classes at the beginning, first 2 times he never came and make me wait for him , didn’t even respond to phone calls or anything, always saying later on he was busy, but the gym was not busy to charge me on time and it’s not the first time i get lie at the gym with many different things , but if you get tired of the gyms lies and want to cancel the gym easily says ok just pay $50% of the rest of the months you won’t come , so the gym just lies to you and never help you with anything

  12. Jake Up

    It's because the company pushes people hard, but those bad ethics are not what the company teaches.

  13. Kenya Askew

    Yes this happened to me and my sis too. Last year we did a personal trainer, and the front desk told me and my sis that it’s not a contract. So we was like ok, we did the personal trainer like for a month and I told my neighbor that we have a personal trainer she told me to stop with that trainer, because we don’t have that type of money. So my neighbor told my sis to go back to the gym and canceled that personal trainer, so my sis tried to talk to the people at the front desk right? Told her that if she cancelled it she would have to pay 4,500 dollars out of her pocket, and my sis was telling me the whole story on the phone crying to me. I told her what did they tell you? They told her that she cannot received her refund back, then the front desk people was talking bad about us saying that we are up their in are brains and all. Also another thing they kept calling my sister like crazy for her to give them money. The people got mad because my sisters card was declined, and it was a good thing that she changed it, because if she didn’t they wouldn’t had toked money from her still, this is why we need to be very careful on what we are sign in at all times. They don’t care about the people that comes to the gym they only care about your money that’s all, and last week the front desk people had called my sis saying to her that we need to come back to gym for the personal trainer and told my sis that we can pay bills and all this other stuff, they only gonna tell us that because they only want money from us that’s all. Just do your own workouts at home never get yourself with those personal trainers because it’s not worth it. Always read your stuff at all times, it’s like for a job and a apartment never signed stuff without understanding it, trust me you got a lot of people that would take advantage of other people. Don’t talk your business to people especially when it comes to money. Just out their to robbed you that’s it.

  14. S A

    Me and my sister signed up for a personal trainer and that was the biggest mistake. So I went to LA fitness to cancel it. They told me if I cancel and all, I will have to pay up to 3,195 dollars, and the other person told me I would have to pay 4,995 dollars. LA fitness told me the same exact thing it’s not a contract. When I looked at the document, it said “contract” LA fitness had mislead me. And I wanted my money back they told me I can’t get my money back. Me and my sister was definitely fooled, and we took it out of our college funds to pay for the personal trainer. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ HUGE MISTAKE. I’m definitely going to attend another gym, and start reading things carefully before I sign anything. And I’m still locked into the contract at LA fitness. Most of the times, the personal trainer wouldn’t show up. And I will always try to text and call the trainer, and no response whatsoever. And LA fitness would constantly harass me to pay 396 dollars, and I had to go to my bank to change my card, if I didn’t, they will take the money out of my card. And plus they trash talk about their customers and all.

  15. Zach Snyder

    I’ve worked at a gym and sometimes sales people are very misleading but in their defense people who sign up forget everything the sales person says as soon as they leave the gym. They then come back and complain that they were not told about these things when they definitely were.

  16. Bradley Harley

    I’ve worked for LA fitness, we do the best we can to be transparent. If you don’t review the contract that’s your fault ..

  17. Dlo_brown

    What ??? That's robbery…. Sue them for everything

  18. Patricio Silveira

    Lmao😂😂 never have I heard such a pronouncement of Mississauga(city)
    Miss- si- saw- ga

  19. stash sowko

    Have you tried the Goodlife gym in the Toronto airport?

  20. Reema Amar

    Thank you for the tour 🙂 I'm going to join this gym soon, it looks great. Can't wait!

  21. Suman (FRM)

    How many investment need to open this type of gym . Means this gym investment land + furniture + equipment all included

  22. Nono Maria

    I hope to loss weight I live close square one

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