1DX Mark III – Cinematic Gym Fitness Video

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Whatsup guys!

I recently picked up the 1DX Mark III and wanted to put it out in the field to test its new tracking capabilities and features. This was my first time filming a fitness-related video and I had the pleasure of doing so with my good friend Gur. I’ve known this guy since high school and seeing his work ethic and dedication to fitness has always inspired me. We decided to collaborate on a video with the brand that he represented (EvoGen). My goal in this film was to put an emphasis on sound design while making it action packed. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the results and cannot wait to put this camera more into action in the future.

Shot on 1DX Mark III / C-LOG / Graded with Lumetri in Premiere

Song: Cushy – Infantry
Filmed / Edited by: David Ho Nguyen
Fitness Model: Gur Singh

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  1. Jaír Gomez

    Excuse me, can I use your song for a video?

  2. maycol segura Segura

    im impressed bro! i am reviwing the video to learn from but it is so engaging that end up enjoying it and forget to switch my mindset from consumer to producer!… good job!!

  3. maycol segura Segura

    i love the video in fact this is what I am aiming for. I'm really new to content creation and I do love the 1dx mark iii. i tried to find you on Instagram but couldn't. would you share a how-to video including camera settings and what video settings you used please? what was shot on 24fps or 60fps? what lenses did you use? any lighting used? this following question i struggle a lot on my 1dxmiii ; what metering and focus type did you use? again thank you and I'm glad to find someone who I could relate to using the same camera to best learn from.

  4. Fawwazi fitness

    Can we use the music in our videos?

  5. Jasraj Kochar

    Where did you get the transition with the red flare? Or did you create this?

  6. Shayan

    Hey David, this video blew my mind man! Did you shoot all of it in the same fps or did you mix and match? 🔥

  7. DJ x Chazza

    Hey, just wondering if I could add this video to my ecommerce website, thank you

  8. Huzaifa ahmed

    You are awsome ! I'm working on making a gym video and i'll definitely following this !


    The best intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Orion

    Can I use this video as an advertisement for my school gym?

  11. Kowal_77

    Can I use this video as an advertisement for my school gym?

  12. ღ jacobb

    Hello ,Can I use this video as an advertisement for my school gym?

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