15 Eye Exercises to Relax and Strengthen Your Eye Muscles

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@Optometry Academy
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  1. RN 24 Moitreyee Goswami

    Incredible exercises ☺️💖💘
    Thank you 💗😊💓

  2. Nirmla Bhadu

    CAC Mahatriphla Ghrit is herbal and purely ayurvedic formulation. It is mainly used to balance vata and pitta dosha. In Ayurveda it is basically used to treat various eye disorders like Cataract, Conjunctivitis etc.It is also used in procedure like Snehkarma to treat many eye diseases. It contains herbs like Harar, Behera, Amla, Shatavri, Guduchi, Long pepper, Sita that help to prevent eye related diseases and maintain healthy eye muscles.

  3. Urhdhehfwjgbnsvbdjbfndnd

    When I look at something for to long my eyes go in weird spots and then get dry and it’s a mess

  4. Micah O

    Hello, I have had severe eye strain and pain for over a year now. It gets so bad that it makes me Nauseous at times and the discomfort is Debilitating at times. The doctor told me that my eyes are basically competing to focus and that my muscles are badly fatigued. They said I need “vision therapy” but insurance doesn’t cover it. Do You think these exercises can help??

  5. Name Narayan Awasthi

    Is double vision cure from it

  6. Brendan Costello

    Hi if I sleep well and just glimpse my phone screen which is totally dark.. It's like I haven't slept. My eyes are burning for the day.. Thanks for your content. I appreciate it

  7. • S u n f l o w e r •

    I have a problem when I can’t focus on one thing, and my eye muscles are weak and slow, thank you so much for the moving finger I’ll practice from now on 😊

  8. Elephant man

    I feel like a robot clone after hearing this guys voice

  9. Dorothy_Squad

    Tysm so much now i feel better

  10. Joel Puente

    It this kind of exercise possible for astigmatism?

  11. Ali Messiya

    Is this a Podcast? Like Reading a book , not showing how to do them?

  12. Bruh

    That was sooo awesome! After doing the exercises that you told….my eye strain n headache is completely gone ! Yay now I can study for my exams . Thanks dude💓😌


    Thanks for ur video I should stop watching unnecessary and timepass video on my mobile expect benefits and knowledge getting video 👍

  14. Prateek ꪜ

    I am 13 and I have double vision. But I don't have double vision when I see I have double vision when I open my eyes widely.. and it's specially in black color.. so how can I cure this typeof double vision pls someone help me

  15. spurthi CHADHARAM

    Thank you, I think we can may ( or any suitable helping verb ) understand the importance of eye movements and sleeping problems,
    Whenever we do a work, we need to observe stress in our eyes whether it has crossed limit or eye lids line and the way our tongue slips back rotates and creates wrong inaccurate or mirror or involuntary uncontrolled thinking due to improper breath cycle and unable to release breath or stress

  16. akshat kumar

    I used this to avoid my sleep while studying 😃 thanks buddy 😊

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