13 Incredible Foods That Reduce Blood Sugar

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Discover 13 amazing foods which score low on the glycemic index.
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#13. Fermented Foods
Studies now suggest that imbalance within the gut microbiome can lead to increased levels of insulin resistance. Gut microbes may influence insulin levels and also impact leptin signaling. As a result, they can influence cravings and food intake.

#12. Fish
Fish is possibly the best lean-meat protein choice, and cold-water fish can additionally prevent or help you manage diabetes.

#11. Avocado
The mono-unsaturated fat within avocados can also help lower blood pressure and reduce the amount of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol within your body. This can also lower the risk of heart disease.

#10. Sweet potatoes and yams
With a glycemic index of just 44, these types of potatoes are loaded with nutrients – from vitamin C, to vitamin A, to potassium, and they contain a high amount of fiber.

#9. Old Fashioned Oatmeal
Old-fashioned, steel-cut oats offer many health benefits, along with helping to keep blood sugar low. In fact, eating 100% whole grains and foods high in fiber can reduce the risk of diabetes by 40%.

#8. Nuts
Natural, unsalted roasted or raw nuts are perfect snacks. Just make sure to avoid sugary coatings.
Nuts are loaded with fiber while having a glycemic index score of 55 or less, depending on the nut.

#7. Yogurt
With a score of 50 or under, plain yogurt is a low-GI food.
It’s also a good protein source, which can help slow the digestive process.
Unsweetened, plain Greek yogurt is also renowned for its probiotic benefits.

#6. Berries
While berries contain carbohydrates, their high fiber lowers their net carb amount and can slow digestion, which helps your body with blood sugar management.
Berries have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.

#5. Three Special Vegetables

Broccoli – When the broccoli is chopped or chewed, creating sulforaphane, a type of compound that has amazing blood-sugar-reducing properties.

In numerous studies, sulforaphane-rich broccoli extract has enhanced insulin sensitivity and reduced blood sugar levels.

Spinach – This vegetable has plenty of fiber, vitamins, folate, manganese, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorous, protein and carotene.

Its glycemic index is almost ZERO. So, eating spinach can fill you up while lowering blood sugars.

Cauliflower – It’s great for the heart and can also help lower the risk for many diseases.

It’s extremely high in fiber and contains a wide array of cancer-fighting antioxidants. It’s also a good source of sulforaphane.

#4. Mushrooms

Portabello mushrooms are low in calories but big in flavor.

Not only are mushrooms low-carb, low-calorie, and anti-inflammatory, they also help with weight management, have prebiotic benefits to aid gut health, and have both soluble and insoluble fiber– which will help lower blood sugar levels.

#3. Eggs
Eggs are, on average, about 70 calories, have 6 grams of protein, and a glycemic index of ZERO.

The protein within eggs can help your body manage blood sugar levels, and it’s been reported that eating 1 egg a day may lower fasting glucose levels by 4.4% in prediabetics and type 2 diabetics.

#2. Pumpkin and Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds are considered to be a diabetic superfood, but the rest of the pumpkin is good for you as well!
All varieties of pumpkins and squash are full of fiber and antioxidants, plus they can help regulate blood sugar levels.

#1. Legumes
Though legumes contain a good amount of carbohydrates, they are all are packed with nutrients and still have a very low glycemic index score.

Legumes have the perfect combination of fiber, protein, and complex carbs, which work together to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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  1. Priti Dodhia

    This is one of the best videos I have come across. Extremely professional extraordinary explanation one by one in proper detail. This video should benefit all those who are concerned about their well-being and correct diets. We appreciate your knowledge dissemination to the masses worldwide.

  2. Malou Anajao

    What about cucumber and apple?

  3. Josh Klunker

    A sweet potato has hardly more than a gram more of fiber than regular potatoes. Not significant. Saturated fats are healthy. Higher LDL does not directly correlate to heart disease. If you want to really lower blood glucose, eat less often, only eat 1-2 meals a day.

  4. Sujatha Sunder

    Fenugreek seeds and leaves .

  5. Vivian Jennifer

    I want to personally take time out to appreciate Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel for the herbs medication I ordered from him in curing my type 2 diabetes disease completely within just three weeks of using his natural herbs supplements

  6. Tuta Mildred

    Thanks for the video. I have had diabetes for less than a year and I was scared of what to eat. However the information gotten from this video is very helpful. I will start eating eggs and pumpkins. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Vivian Jennifer

    I want to personally take time out to appreciate Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel for the herbs medication I ordered from him in curing my type 2 Diabetes disease completely within just three weeks of using his natural herbs supplements


    Eat everything in portion excersise and drink your water and give thanks to God Almighty 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  9. Zumba Honey

    This information is so true, I love the way it’s presented I tried the fermented veggies and love them. I have lost 65 pounds and I walk almost everyday. I use a combination of these items and my blood sugar levels are great. Thank you and all diabetics should at least try this.

  10. Angela Moraglia

    Very informative..thank you,

  11. Linda Medina

    Excellent presentation! Having a hard time lowering my blood sugars even while on metformin.. this video has given me new hope and valuable information..Thank you very much!

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    My appreciation goes to Dr Igudia on YouTube for helping me with his natural herbs supplements which I used in curing my type 2 diabetes disease completely

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    A very big appreciation to Dr Igudia on YouTube for helping me getting rid off my five years old Diabetes type 2 with his natural herbs supplements which I got from him after I contacted him on his YouTube channel

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    Turmeric, garlic 🧄, cinnamon and pepper are all good spices to help lower blood 🩸 sugar also.

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