12 Min Workout with Dumbbells | Full Body Workout Women

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Grab a pair of 3-10 pound dumbbells and work for the figure you …..
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Just got your Fit Simplify resistance loop bands? Take them out of the package and try this resistance band workout for beginners by Marin.

This 2 circuit workout will help you tone both your arms and legs and it is an easy, resistance band beginner workout for all skill levels.

All you need are your loop bands (aka booty bands, mini bands) and 10 minutes of time. Incorporate this into your weekly workout routine to see some great results.

Here are the resistance band exercises that Marin goes over in this video.

Resistance Band for Beginners Workout [Circuit 1]:
1) Isometric arm lifts
2) Overhead band pulls
3) Lower band pulls
4) Middle band pulls
5) Jumping jacks

Resistance Band for Beginners Workout [Circuit 2]:
1) Seated clamshells
2) Seated leg extensions
3) Sit stands

Try these resistance band exercises today, and let us know how this 10-minute workout works for you in the comments!

We are the #1 best seller of resistance loop bands on Amazon and you can purchase this loop band set here:

To see more of our fitness products you can visit our website.

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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. maichka15

    This is great. I can do most of it succefully and I love that there's no need do sit down or get up-and-down with this, my knees aren't made for that lol. Thank you!

  2. montrealsun

    This is a beautiful, encouraging, adjustable, and beneficial video. Thanks so much.

  3. Alyssa Camille Joyce C. Soliven

    Lega so beautiful I thought you were wearing heels!

  4. Poprocks

    Thank you for this! A really good beginners dumbbells workout! Better than the others I've seen.

  5. Kimmy Gwill

    I been doing this workout since 2017 and I now use 10 pounds dumbbells each, I started from 3 pounds dumbbells accompanied
    with a healthy diet, and I look in shape, my waistline got smaller.

  6. KTs Monthly Workout Challenges

    Did this with 10 pound weights and it was perfectly challenging!

  7. Deni Simon

    Great workout. I'm a senior and this workout provides cardio, strength and flexibility training for me. I'll be adding this workout to my weekday workout options.

  8. the mysterious -_-

    I LOOOOOOVE it…. thanks a lot…. pls more videos

  9. vanee eugenio

    I do not have much excess fats on my body but only on my belly. Will there's still be results if I just go on the work out but not strict with diet?

  10. Dawn Johnson

    Nice workout! Did it with 5 lb weights and it was just right for me. Good to warm up before starting this workout.

  11. Mike Przlomski

    And the pool to cool off. Perfect

  12. 악/lycca

    I tried this for the first time and my hands were shaking while lifting my 4pounds

  13. Jessica Verunque

    Thank you marissa best dumbell work out

  14. AB B

    I've been looking at your play lists and instructors and I don't see anymore videos by Marrissa (sorry if I spelled her name wrong). Is this the only video she did? Hubby and I really loved working out to this video- she was excellent!

  15. Patricia Scott

    Well done, great work out, thanks.

  16. Dmarie Walker

    What’s happened? Her last video was 4 years ago. And I just discovered this channel, that’s a bummer! I’m needing exercises that work my thigh muscles, getting older & I’ve noticed my thigh muscles are getting soft.

  17. Annie Yue

    Thank you for the excellent video!

  18. JMac

    I just ordered the bands and can’t wait to get started! I’m curious if the bands come with instructions as to the lighter vs harder bands?

  19. Ali Syed

    Wish this channel was still active. The content is awesome 👌

  20. goddessqueen

    Thanks so much for this , I was going crazy to find a video like this one 💪🥰

  21. ThumbelinaGreat

    amazing thanks alot! just wondering hoe many times a week can we do this as beginners? is 3 times a week good?

  22. Snooze00

    There tiny resistance bands this is useless.

  23. Ginger Cat

    Just come across your channel, and love it. Simple but effective excercising for a pre -beginner like myself. Thank you!

  24. Raymond Yocum

    Is there a brand that you recommend? Thank you

  25. Stephanie Illuzzi

    I did an EXHAUSTIVE search for a good beginner’s resistance band workout video, with easy to follow, clear instructions. THANK YOUUUU!!!! Yours is IT! 😃😁💖 So excited to get started!

  26. dandeliondesigns

    I thought yellow had the lowest resistance? That’s what the chart that came with my band set says… I use yellow on my weak arms to build up strength. Love these exercises!

  27. Somewhere in Indiana

    Nice video 👏 good workout 👍

  28. Dirgni Flesuoh

    Jumping jacks, and you are off my list ….

  29. Inma

    Thanks a lot! The video is brillant for beginners!

  30. ivette v.

    Great instructional video! Thank you for sharing. I feel the burn. I’m wondering, what muscles does the arm workout target?

  31. Gillian Morrison

    What is meant by keeping the core tight? Thank you

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