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This 12 min total abs workout will have you feeling it in all the right places. We love a killer total ab workout, especially as a finisher to a great workout. This total abs workout works your upper abs, lower abs, core, and obliques. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, abs are made in the kitchen but pair eating clean with abs workouts and you are on your way to getting some killer abs.

This 12 min total abs workout format is simple. 30 seconds each exercise, 5 second rest in between each exercise.

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Total ab workout list here:

1. 3 point crunches
2. Prayer Crunch
3. Heel Touches
4. Single Leg Reverse Crunches
5. Bicycles
6. Russian Twists
7. Leg Lift + Toe Touches
8. Alternating Crunch + Reverse Crunch
9. Long Scissor Kicks
10. Scissor Kicks
11. Lying Wide Circles
12. Alternating Toe Touches
13. Crunch Kicks
14. Cross Mountain Climbers
15. Plank
16. Side Plank Right
17. Side Plank Left
18. Marching Plank
19. Plank Hip Dips
20. Spider Crunches

This is part of our 15 Day Ab Shred and Sculpt Challenge.
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DISCLAIMER: TIFF x DAN strongly recommend that you consult your physician before starting any exercise or workout program. You should be in good physical + mental condition + able to participate in the exercises. You should be aware + understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this workout, exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, + agree to release and discharge TIFF x DAN from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of TIFF x DAN negligence.
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If you want to develop six pack abs you may think that you have to spend hours a day trying to get one. That is not the case at all. If you are able to commit to a consistent but short effort you will be amazed at how much better your abs could look in a short period of time when combined with a focused attention to what you eat as well.

In this video, I have a short 7 minute ab workout for you to do along with me. As you will see and feel, an ab workout does not have to be long to be effective. As a matter of fact, I would probably say that the longer the ab workout goes, the less effective it becomes. The key to this working is that it is short enough to allow you to do it on a regular basis without having to fight to schedule it into your day.

Remember, the key to getting a six pack is consistency. Now, don’t think that just because you might be doing the same set of exercises that it is becoming less effective. It is not. The choice of ab exercises in this workout is broad enough so as to cover all of the major functions of the abs. There are bottom up movements that better hit the lower abs. There are rotational movements that are initiated from the bottom up and the top down to really hit the rotation capabilities of the core muscles.

There are also top down movements where the shoulders are lifted off of the ground as opposed to the legs, which are situated at the end of the workout to allow you to keep training your abs when they are fatigued. When there are purposeful ab exercises in your workouts they do not have to be long.

The point of this video is to give you a follow along ab workout that you can do anywhere. There are no special pieces of equipment needed to do this. All you need is your body and some space on the floor. You might actually need a bit more than that, and that would be a heavy dose of determination to try and resist the burn of these exercises as you do them. Remember, the pain from ab training is usually only temporary. As soon as finish the exercise and the lactic acid starts to clear the abdominal muscles, you feel normal again.

See if you can follow the entire ab workout along with me, resting when I do. If you need extra rest for some reason, don’t be bashful – take it. Maybe you can only do 40 seconds of one of the 60 second exercises. That’s ok, do what you can and rest for the remainder of that exercise. As you get stronger on these you will be able to do the whole thing without extra rest. Here is the ab workout as follows:

Seated Ab Circles Left x 60 seconds
Seated Ab Circles Right x 60 seconds
Drunken Mountain Climbers x 60 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Marching Planks x 60 seconds
Scissors x 60 seconds
Starfish Crunch x 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Russian V Tuck Twists x 30 seconds

So there is an ab workout you can do at home with no equipment that will get you started on getting that six pack you’ve always wanted. If you want to speed up the process you will want to make sure your diet is in place as well. If you want a step by step meal plan to get you ripped fast, head to http:/athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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  1. TIFF x DAN

    💊 https://bit.ly/HairGrowthSups – the only supplements I take for hair, mood & energy. I'll never recommend anything that I don't personally use and love, and these are the best out there.

  2. Veronica Niezgoda

    Loved this ab workout! Thanks for another great one Tiff x Dan!

  3. Alex Dwyer

    Great workout but honestly, need 5-10 more seconds in between exercises. This is just ridiculous

  4. Gavin Mitchell

    Crushing workout!

    Psa 21:13  Be thou exalted, LORD, in thine own strength: so will we sing and praise thy power.

  5. Follower Of Duck

    one of the best ab workouts ive come across

  6. Dhwanit

    bro this workouts fucking sick. i mean i just started off and wasnt able to follow up properly but im sure if i practice this regularly i will be able to follow like u did with the same speed man thanks for this amazing workout loved it.

  7. Jess Wolfie

    Wow. I’ve done a different core workout per week for a couple months and this is by far the best.

  8. Suzana Beatriz Sena Teixeira Colen


  9. GTN ?¿?

    Man, you killed me, but I finished it and I'm happy! 💪🏻

  10. Klarnet Bükücü

    i do it everyday before workout

  11. svoboda simon

    Fcking hard but did it again

  12. ATHLEAN-X™

    If you are looking for another home workout that will get you a "flat stomach" in JUST 22 days, then you will want to check out this video to make sure you don't miss out – https://youtu.be/CMKw77fbkOs

  13. Chris Skowron

    Move it Jessy! Get back to work! and try not to fudge up the next video.

  14. Raghav Singh

    My inner thighs ache during the first two exercises and scissors,
    Is that alright?

  15. Kyng LytSkyn

    Just did this in the gym while watching you. Hollllyyyyyyy shit!! Lol. Killer ab workout. Thanks!!!!!

  16. Pinudownnow

    I love this workout routine. I'd also like to see Jeff playfully rough up Jesse a little for his smart aleck comments. Lol!

  17. Air💨

    With The Drunken Climber Ones, I Feel It More In My Arms Than My Abs? What Am I Doing Wrong?

  18. Chris Stone

    I did this yesterday and DAMN! I m sore like I did pilates sit ups on a reformer bed!

  19. Coding Is Power

    Will try again tomorrow. I finished it but had to stop a few times 😟

  20. motivationfromthemud

    Do this for 30 days & eat decent & I guarantee you’ll see some obvious results ✅

  21. Magali Galizmo

    Just so people won’t get false ideas: this workout definitely does increase ab strength and stamina, without a proper diet, you won’t have 6-pack washboard abs. Eating right is key.

  22. John M

    How can you do these exercises without making you hernia worse ?

  23. Vlad Petria

    Can I do abs every single day, 6 days a week?

  24. Darren Manser

    You're doing a great to your channel by not mentioning the critical importance of nutrition. To your audience?

  25. Pritiranjan Official

    i do these sll day and its great feel like the best

  26. Colton Ruscheinsky

    I truly do hate the Starfish Crunch

  27. Annie123

    My favorite exercise , thank you Jeff for all you do , you’re the best trainer ever !

  28. Yuniqe Editz

    I’m a starter to working out this is my first time and I’m gonna keep using this video

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