10 Minute Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight | आँखों का नंबर कम करने के लिए व्यायाम

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In this video, we will together practise 5 eye exercises. By doing these eye exercises daily, your vision will improve, your eye power will reduce, and if you wear spectacles, you will be able to get rid of glasses naturally.

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Disclaimer: Satvic Movement recommends that you consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

Do stretching and breathing exercises anytime you need to take a break from working/studying to re-group and regain focus. These videos appear in NCSBN’s Reviews for the NCLEX® Exam online courses. Register for the prep course @ www.learningext.com.
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  1. Uday PiTEltscAnUSGO

    These are very fruitful exercise for me. Just after the exercise, I was seeing some bright.

  2. avantika

    I will try this excercise , i can see the near objects clearly but i am unable to see clearly the far objects. Hope it works on me. I will update.i will update after every 3 days.

  3. aishwarya vohra biochemistry lectures

    For eye floaters what should we do to remove permanently?

  4. Bindiya Kumari

    Today is my 3rd day of eye exercise

  5. Kulraj deep Singh

    Hi sir can we do this eyes exercise for two time like morning and in evening.plz reply

  6. ❤️Papa's princess ❤️

    Height ka bi batao after 23

  7. Sameeksha singh Tomar

    Kya ye any time kr skte ya fix time h

  8. Archit Rawal

    How many time in a day I can do eye exercises

  9. Vishwajeet Singh

    Sir hume aadat tu nhi lagaga na

  10. Anshu vlogs & healthy tips

    Today is my first dekhte hain 21 din mein kya hota hai agar accha huaa to video jarur dalungi aur koi fark nahin pada to bhi video dalungi aur aap sabke sath share Karugi🤔😌

  11. Bindiya Kumari

    Today is my 2nd day of eye exercise

  12. VidyaBhusan Chute

    Meko 3 month se jada ho gya exercise kr ri aankhe Bahot improve hui hai. Thank you bhaiya

  13. Bharath Kumar

    Can I practice this to a 6 year old child plz reply

  14. Raj Singh

    sir ye exercise kbb karni hai morning me ya evening me

  15. Uma Pathak

    2 din se exercise kar Rahi hu Dard Ho Raha hai sir me kya ye nomal hai .plz bataye

  16. Alinax

    My kung-fu teacher taught me this eye movement exercise like 8 yrs ago and I automatically do this exercise whenever there's pain in my eyes and all the pain goes away.

  17. study with Pranjal

    Sir eye me rubing ho the h

  18. Seema Malik

    Clockwise anticlockwise wali exercise krte wakt bhut zyada stress padhta hai meko karte hi nahi banta kaafi mushkil aati hai meko

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