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    there were a few moments during this workout where I wanted to give up😭 BUT never forget that your mind wants to give up before your body does!

  2. axcel castelo

    With those exercises when she farts will not even stinks

  3. Sonia Inspires

    I have never seen someone perform an exercise routine so gracefully as you do. I love it

  4. Benjamin

    Congratulations Miss Sophie. What a spectacular achievement. You've mastered diet and exercise. Strong & fit couldn't look better.

  5. Lua Boon

    I don’t now if I still gonna have abs after this workout🔥

  6. Smith Wordfort

    🇺🇸 : Good evening Miss just to inform you that I performed your muscle strengthening exercises with body weights and I admit that I felt all the muscles of my body worked thank you for your excellent video 📼 as well as your professionalism : Turn Up Girly 👏👏👏

  7. Umbher Esteves

    This is really a fire 🔥 one of the intense work out I did in my house I almost giving up but I finished it thank u 💪 gallon of sweat after

  8. Arla j. Martin

    Going to try these 2 times a day see if I get results thank you!!

  9. BillianFit

    Great workout to go with great music!!!

  10. Follower Of Duck

    love it!! almost felt like giving up but it was the last exercise so i pushed through 😼😼

  11. Francesco Rossi

    Love this workout! Perfect for weekend.
    Thank you so much 🙏 and see you next workout video ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  12. Ana Julia

    I'll start on Monday, anyone to train with me?

  13. Jill Turner

    Another great ab workout! Thank you!

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