✅Day1 || 14day full body transformation program || @Pooja Dixit Fitness club

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  1. Very kutty TTF

    Ippadi Panna weight loss agumma

  2. Aiswarya

    Please do about a perfect diet plan

  3. Shalini Tiwari

    Hello Pooja Mera wajan 98 ho gaya hai mere ghar me shadi hai me 30 dino me kitna aur kaise wajan Kam kar sakti hu aur mujhe kya aur kab kab khana hai please help me

  4. Sadia Parveen

    Ye exercise kitny din krni ha??

  5. ayush kumar

    Ye exercise 14 day's tk krni hai

  6. Aldo Sosa

    Chong Li! Chong Li! Chong Li!

    Big props to Bolo 💯
    Such a laid back guy and so knowledgeable it's awesome to see him share techniques

  7. Alioune Gueye

    What was he talking about the abs exercices ??

  8. C 1983

    Bolo and Debo scared me when I was a kid

  9. Y2KgLitCh

    He looks good at his age.

  10. Carlo Bien De Luna

    Bolo Yeung is one of my favourite asian martial artists 💯

  11. Victor Álvarez gude


  12. Luca Balliano

    Bolo, the greatt Bolo. Respect man! 😉👊🏻

  13. mawee

    он выглядит как 20лет

  14. Ira Milhouse


  15. Aaron ochoa

    This edit has to be the funniest for its time bruh

  16. OmaeWa MoShindeiru

    If I were to walk past someone like this hong kong back in the 90s..I'd probably think he's some triad member enforcer or a branch leader 😂😂😂that's how scary his face is 😂😂

  17. Sam Oliveira

    🇧🇷uma lenda 👏👏👏👏👏👍

  18. Pavel Online

    If Bolo were my gym trainer i would become Arnold in 2 weeks cause his look still freaks me out

  19. Ezra Noel

    Actually all what he said is what he learner from Bruce Lee, he's a best friend of Bruce Lee, student and a fan of Bruce Lee, LEGEND

  20. Eli Cho

    He was trying to say, put your mind on the muscle as you’re working out the body part. Technique itself won’t do anything. That is very true too.

  21. 도영민

    Over seven hundred fourty seven-thousand unemployed

  22. Pilum Murialis

    He is still bulked up for his age, and is probably one of the coolest guys still alive today

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